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Raspberry & Blackcurrant

The yumminess of Swedish forest berries are captured in these wildly tempting organic gummies. It’s a berry bursting top hit combo of rapsberry and blackcurrant gummy goodness! 

Organic & Vegan certified


What we're made of


Organic sugar, organic invert sugar syrup, water, organic corn starch, organic glucose syrup, sodium citrate, organic purple carrot concentrate, natural flavorings (blackcurrant, raspberry), organic sunflower oil, organic carnauba wax.

Nutritional Facts

Typical Swedish
chewy texture

Lovingly crafted in small batches in Sweden, using only organic and vegan certified quality ingredients, with a recipe free from gluten, palm oil and any other allergens.

These organic gummies are bursting with flavors and have a typical Swedish chewy texture. Made with natural flavours from real Nordic berries for a long-lasting taste experience.