We use real
and organic

Organic is the center
point of JOM

The passion and love we share for organic living has built the foundation of our independent company. Organic is the center point of all our decisions and well rooted in our DNA. Since day one, we’ve sourced organic plant-based ingredients because we believe organic farming is key to support healthy soil. Healthy soil is fundamental for our entire eco system that promotes a more sustainable future. We’re big fans of the saying “small changes can add up to make a big difference” and we’re dedicated to do our part in preserving mama earth.

Plant-based candy
at its best

We’re proud to say that all our gummies are certified vegan by the Vegan Society. This means you’re guaranteed a delicious candy experience free from any traces of animal ingredients. Being a vegan brand was equally as important to us when developing our gourmet gummies. We’re here to offer a conscious option that ticks all the boxes, so vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and everyone in-between can enjoy naturally tasty candy packed with real, mouth-watering joy!


Crafted in Sweden
with love!

In Sweden we take our candy serious, in fact, it’s a part of our culture. When growing up, my highlight of the week was the weekly tradition of “lördagsgodis”, literally meaning “Saturday Candy”. It’s the day of the week when children and adults get to lose themselves in a bag of their favorite candy. My mission was to create a better “Saturday Candy” option by introducing an organic and vegan premium version of the classic Swedish gummy candy. Our small batch production method is rooted from Swedish confectionary culture and candy making traditions. We’re so proud to have taken the Swedish tradition of making quality candy to the next level by introducing the first ever Swedish produced organic candy to the market. 

More to love about jom

Real, simple, clean

We’re an organic certified mission driven brand, dedicated to quality and high standards. We use clean and traceable ingredients that are free from any of the major food allergens. Each and every flavor in our gummies are pure and natural, made from the named fruit or berry.   

Small batch

Our recipes have been carefully developed by our team in Sweden to bring excitement to every bite. Every bag of JOM is crafted in small batches to maintain our excellent quality. Our small batch production method is rooted from Swedish confectionary culture and candy making traditions. 

we're all for

We love our planet and are always looking at ways to minimize our footprint. Our candy bags are packed in FSC® certified cardboard, produced from sustainable forestry. Our eco-conscious values are central in all our decisions, from choosing ingredients, suppliers and partners, to food bank donations and supporting our community.